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To name a few of the services I provide along with selling your mom’s house are, coordination with seniors move managers, helping with decluttering the house, arranging small repairs around the house, setting up with a staging company, arranging a photography professional, coordination with an estate sales company, finding a suitable senior care facility for your loved one, and close communication with your probate/trust sale attorney


Did you recently inherit a home or estate? What are your best options? How do you make the best decisions when there are multiple family members involved?

In this book, I review the process, choices and roadblocks that occur when someone inherits a home from a loved one who has passed. There are a lot of hurdles to navigate, and this book will be your guide.

Inside, we’ll discuss your best options, talk about splitting items with family members and address any legal issues. You’ll also learn how to sell and prep an old home and how to handle estate taxes.

Selling Mom's House and Beyond


It’s true! Every day, homes sell for WAY less than they should. It makes me cringe to see how many mistakes people make. Don’t get me wrong — it’s great for buyers. But if you’re a seller, every mistake can cost thousands of dollars.

For decades, wealthy homeowners have been selling homes the right way. Think about it for a minute… if you’re selling a $10 million home, a 1% increase in the sales price equals an extra $100,000!

Affluent sellers do what it takes to get top dollar for their homes. Most other sellers don’t seem to take selling as seriously (I have no clue why) and normally don’t do what is necessary to get top dollar. If you use the right home-selling strategies, you can make at least $10-30K more selling a $200,000 home.